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Helal Traders is an experienced oil transporter company based in Bangladesh. Services provided ranges from land cargo transportation, heavy transportation project to offshore transportation services. Whatever the challenges, we bring premium solutions with every new consignments.

Helal Traders offers extensive coverage for delivering oil  by having our own network in all the major cities in Bangladesh. Understanding and providing solutions for the needs of our customers in the Oil industry has been a key strength and pivotal factor for our continued growth.

Since our inception, our fleet has also included tankers of several types. Our operations span across  and our road tankers travel to all parts of Bangladesh, ranging from Chittagong to Dhaka, including other district.

In future we have plan provide door-to-door service for a variety of oil  distribution companies.

Owner Message

Throughout this era, the transportation industry endured many changes that saw the industry evolve towards greener operation methods and tighter legislation; all changes that drove businesses to adapt.

We at Helal Traders, found ways to embrace these changes while providing our customers with premium class services. Our values together with our vision helped us to confidently navigate through many changes that made us what we are today.

Our decisions are centered on building long lasting relationships and earning a level of trust that comes from years of industry experience. These are achieved through innovative technologies, consistent training, and finding improved efficiencies at every stage of our operations.

We not only credit our success to our global reach, technological superiority and quality of equipment; it is our performance and on-time delivery that spurred Helal Traders’ evolution from a once modest oil transportation company to Bangladesh’s largest privately held transportation company.

We thank you for visiting us today. All of us at Helal Traders look forward to working with you.

Md.Helal Uddin


Oil Transportation

We know oil suppliers are focused on their core business and don’t have the time or resources to worry about much else. Helal Traders provides value-added transportation and logistics services that helps oil companies improving their bottom line.

Helal Traders offers unparalleled service to the customers, unmatched respect to fleet and a trusted bonding of lifetime. We offer Total Solutions for all your transportation needs. We believe timely production & distribution is possible only with accurate transport & logistic services.

The company’s focus is on the safe, efficient and timely delivery of those materials to all bulk product customers, including time-sensitive and short-notice accounts that require immediate response. We have an accomplished fleet of tank trucks and tanker barges with trained crew who work to deliver what we promise. To achieve maximum flexibility, the Helal Traders Operations team is always ready on call to service all customer needs.

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Our Innovation

At Helal Traders, our competitive landscape is changing. With technology, communication, social media expanding and converging, we make sure to use these changes to create more value to our customers. We anticipate market needs and steer our company toward long-term success and growth.

Our Coverage

At Helal Traders, we provide first class service anywhere you need for your logistic needs by pickup or delivery. We provide moving solutions locally inter-province, intra-province and coast-to-coast logistic solutions across Bangladesh.

Our Delivery

We aspire to be a creative and innovative leader in transportation solutions, to transcend in the industry, and truly become an eminent business moving forward. Our goal is to continue to develop innovative and efficient processes and reach into new markets as a transportation company. We differentiate our solutions based on our in-depth customer understanding, strong focus on market needs.

Our Values

In everything we do, we strive to provide the best service available to you. Helal Traders is about enhancing efficiency and exploring new ways of reliable transportation. We have an innovation approach, a focus on continuous improvement, and are a solutions driven company. Our company was started because we saw a need for an honest, innovative and dependable service provider, we have been fulfilling those needs ever since. Our reputation is paramount to us and we stop at nothing to prove that.

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